About Me

My name is Ellle. A play on the first letter of my real name -ooooh so mysterious! I’m in my late 40s, use she/they pronouns and am a bit of a dork.

I swear a lot depending on my mood and often act like a little kid. I’m pretty young at heart: coughcough-its-probably–the-trauma-and-arrested-development-coughcough. But considering I hang out with two of my little loves five days a week, it’s no wonder!

The theme of things here will evolve and develop seasonally with me. (Hence the name) I’m probably consistent in some places but honestly I’m rarely in the same mood/mental space twice so I think it’s best if I just flow and glide and write from myself as myself whoever that may be. I’m strongly influenced by the natural world and trying to fight that never ends well! ( Winter Ellle is a trip)

Spring Ellle is bright,hopeful, inspired and full of motivation!

The longer,warmer days and melting snow leaves me feeling like I’ve taken a party drug so expect lots of enthusiasm and what some of you might call weirdness.

A few other things:

BLM,ACAB, LGBTQ2S friendly,firmly on the Left,pro abortion- the same way I’m pro healthcare of any kind, neurodivergent,  intersectional feminist, Anti religion, science minded witchy chick.

If anything above offends you or fills your heart and mind with a strong and raging heat then you probably won’t be comfortable here. That’s OK!

If you choose to stay and can ” be cool”…Welcome! I’m so happy you’re here and it’s an absolute delight to meet you!