Red Zinger Tea & Toddy.

Just the recipe HERE

The girlchild and I were reminiscing about our favourite tea the other day.

Red Zinger.

It was a funky blend of sticks and leaves but the main ingredient was hibiscus. OOOOOH we love us some hibiscus! The tea was sweet without needing sugar, good hot AND cold, and very, very red tasting. (If you know, you know) One used to be able to get it a Superstore, they had their own brand (this should have been my first clue! ) but I haven’t seen it years and years. Inspired by our conversation, I hit up the old Google and what I found made me laugh and laugh and laugh.

Superstore doesn’t make it anymore but fricking Celestial Seasonings sure does! This whole time I was looking for the no name brand when I could have had the original!

This brain…I tell ya…

Making up for lost time, I bought a case!

It was delicious, exactly as I remembered. I’m grateful because I have a lot of it, ha ha.

I’m thinking it would make an excellent Red Hot Toddy. Oh! With my favourite bourbon!

Let’s give that a go:

Red Zinger Hot Toddy

  • Mug of Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger Tea
  • Honey, to taste.
  • Red Stag Black Cherry Bourbon by Jim Beam, to taste. I used half an ounce because it was 10 am when I worked this up, heh. Half an ounce is probably plenty anyway.
  • Squeeze of lemon.

Stir, stir. Sip. Sip.

The verdict: Gooooooood! Dangerously good, like candy. I’ve found hot toddies to be a great comfort when I’m ill but they always taste so strong and medicinal. This is not like that at all and I am here for it!

Do you have a favourite tea? Tell me all about it!

You can find this tea online at a variety of sources, including here >Red Zinger Tea<

Cheers and thanks for reading!

The Salad And The Spice

It’s Salad Season, woot woot! Well it was when I wrote this six months ago. Oooops!

I bring you an overly dramatic account of my dinner salad fuck up. Enjoy! 🤓

The recipe for said salad called for Harrisa Paste. I had Harrisa Powder. One is surely the same as the other, right?

Ha! Nooooooo.

I used the same amount of powder as the called for paste and slathered the whole mess on there. ( There being a steak) Then I made my second mistake and cooked our steak in my cast iron pan.

Yeah…We don’t have a stove vent- because, reasons -and the spicy smoke choked us out of our own house!  We were crying and coughing and laughing our asses off because the neighbors were looking at weird and the whole thing was just ridiculous!

 Is this what it feels like to be pepper sprayed? Because I think we got pepper sprayed!

Naturally after all that I wasn’t too keen on eating the damn thing but I won’t waste meat soooo, down the hatch it had to go.😬

I think I gave myself an ulcer. It burned aaaallll the way down!

It sure looked pretty though:

I’d recommend the recipe. Here’s the LINK if you want to make it too. May I just suggest though that you use the paste?!

It came. I Spat. It Left.

A DNA kit is smaller than I expected. Just a tiny box!

Here’s what’s inside:

Spit Tube

The instructions are clear:

At first glance the little tube seems HUGE and you wonder how on earth you’re going to be able to produce that much spit! In reality, it’s got a false bottom of sorts. It only took me a few mouthfuls. Your results may vary. There’s even a wide funnel on the top of the receptacle to really get it all in there! Once you’ve filled the tube to the line, you take the funnel off and screw the top on tight. You should hear a click.

The top contains blue liquid that stabilizes your spit. It will flow into your spit. Once its all in there…Shake, shake, shake and into the bag it goes. You package it all up nice and secure in the postage paid box Ancestry provides and pop it into any local mailbox. Easy peasy!

Bye Bye Spit!

Ancestry DNA says results take 6 to 8 weeks from the time they receive it. I read online that they’ve got a backlog of tests due to high demand sooooo, I’m setting my expectations to….sometime in June. Just in time for my birthday, woot woot!

So far my Ancestry experience has been decent. I paid full price for my kit because I’m too impatient to wait for one of their frequent sales but I’ve seen their sale price marked at ninety nine dollars. So not too bad. I think I paid one hundred and fifty four dollars by the time it was all said and done.

When I activated my kit I was given the option to maintain a genealogy account with them for one dollar until June ..something. So I took them up on on their offer of that too!

So far I’d recommend them!