The Salad And The Spice

It’s Salad Season, woot woot! Well it was when I wrote this six months ago. Oooops!

I bring you an overly dramatic account of my dinner salad fuck up. Enjoy! 🤓

The recipe for said salad called for Harrisa Paste. I had Harrisa Powder. One is surely the same as the other, right?

Ha! Nooooooo.

I used the same amount of powder as the called for paste and slathered the whole mess on there. ( There being a steak) Then I made my second mistake and cooked our steak in my cast iron pan.

Yeah…We don’t have a stove vent- because, reasons -and the spicy smoke choked us out of our own house!  We were crying and coughing and laughing our asses off because the neighbors were looking at weird and the whole thing was just ridiculous!

 Is this what it feels like to be pepper sprayed? Because I think we got pepper sprayed!

Naturally after all that I wasn’t too keen on eating the damn thing but I won’t waste meat soooo, down the hatch it had to go.😬

I think I gave myself an ulcer. It burned aaaallll the way down!

It sure looked pretty though:

I’d recommend the recipe. Here’s the LINK if you want to make it too. May I just suggest though that you use the paste?!